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Success Story: Eve

When Eve* arrived at Premier at Susquehanna, she had just been hospitalized for lower extremity cellulitis, generalized weakness, and difficulty with ambulation. Upon arrival, Eve required assistance of 2 caregivers for all her mobility tasks and participation with activities of daily living.

Eve was very motivated to return to her home with her family’s support. When she was home, she was independent with cares and ambulated with a rolling walker for short distances. She worked hard to regain her strength and increased her independence with her self-care activities. Her family was involved with her care and one Saturday morning, the therapy staff and Eve completed a home evaluation to assess for any needs or recommendations. She did quite well on the home evaluation and recommendations were made to the family and social services to have Eve prepare for discharge.

Eve continued to work hard and participate in therapy to achieve her goal of returning home with her family.  After 26 days in the facility, Eve was able to return home at her prior level of function with her family and caregiver support.

*Name Changed to protect patient’s identity.

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