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The Party of a Century: Premier at Susquehanna Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Rep. Sue Helm Presents Official Centenarian Proclamation from PA House of Representatives

Hilda Collier, a resident of Premier at Susquehanna, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. She was born Thursday, March 6, 1919. Joined by staff, residents, and family members, Hilda celebrated her birthday with a festive party featuring delicious cake and fun activities – including, Hilda’s favorite card game, Pinocle.

Among those in attendance was Representative Sue Helm of Pennsylvania’s 104th Congressional District. Representative Helm presented Hilda with an official proclamation from the PA House of Representatives recognizing her as a Centenarian as well as for her contributions made and achievements reached during her lifetime. The proclamation states:

  • “Whereas the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania is always pleased to recognize those individuals who, through their wisdom and experience, have contributed to the enrichment and betterment of succeeding generations”
  • “Whereas born in Gratz on March 6, 1919, Mrs. Collier has demonstrated the highest ideals of citizenship throughout the years and truly deserves recognition. She is a proud mother of three children and also has been blessed with seven grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.”

“Each day, Hilda, shows us how true it is that ‘you are only as old as you feel,’ commented Daniel Daub, Administrator at Premier at Susquehanna, adding, “The world has greatly transformed over the last 100 years and Hilda has been an eye witnesses to those changes. We all can learn from Hilda on how to live life to the fullest during all life’s experiences – through the ups and the downs. I encourage all to engage our local senior population, our grandparents, neighbors as well as those residing in assisted living and nursing facilities.”

Hilda was gifted a box of 100 chocolate chip cookies – her lifelong favorite!

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